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Periodico 003



Periodicoはチューリッヒを拠点とするインディペンデントマガジンで、フォトグラファーでもあるMarc Asekhameが手掛けています。 Green Rope, 2009/2018 Kaspar Müller Same Great Taste Mitchell Anderson Old Chunk of Coal Anna-Sophie Berger Centrefold Valuation Anna Khachiyan Scrape & Scroll Daniel Horn 陰府 (Shady Mansion) Amy Lien and Enzo Camacho Slopes, Dream Drawings I Bernhard Hegglin Replica Project Chantal Kirby and Matthew Linde Proposals for Future Covers Heji Shin, John Miller, Emanuel Rossetti, Calla Henkel and Max Pitegoff edited by Marc Asekhame and Teo Schifferli http://www.periodico.cc/ https://marcasekhame.com/